As a leading media relations company, we’ll help you earn more media coverage by identifying the key story angles in your brand and pitching them to the most relevant global media. Ultimately, our efforts result in more inbound links and stronger brand relationships with the media. To talk to us about strategic communications, email us at, or call us on 0161 932 1611.


Even in today’s social media world, relationships with the media are as important as ever. We’ll help to connect you with some of the most influential media sources to place SEO-rich content and earned media. Our team of writers place guest articles daily and have been featured in Trivago, Reader’s Digest and Forbes to name just a few. Our team also manage the rollout of newsworthy press bulletins that often result in media coverage.


Creating a tailored, targeted media list is the first step in any successful coverage campaign. Identifying the media outlets and contacts most relevant for your particular niche, story or industry is essential for a successful outcome. This helps us to identify the right journalist or outlet for your particular story or guest post and helps us to establish powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with your brand and the press.


Our creative campaigns operate across multiple platforms and are insight-driven. Our results speak for themselves, and our approach has resulted in extensive media coverage online and in print. As a modern media relations company, we use every platform available to us. These include broadcast, print, online and social. We’ve placed clients in publications including Forbes, The New York Post, The Washington Post, Metro, London Evening Standard, and many more.


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