Content is at the heart of all SEO. We take time to perform keyword research and devise a content creation plan to help your brand gain online authority in a specific topic or niche. To talk to us about how an SEO marketing firm like us could help your business, email us at, or call us on 0161 932 1611.


Our analytics team will run a complete content audit, assessing where your site is performing well, identifying areas of improvement, and putting in place an actionable plan to drive your SEO content strategy forward.

One of the first steps any good SEO marketing firm should take is to run an extensive audit of the content that exists on your site. This allows us to also identify a strategy going forward. We’ll share our knowledge and resources to furnish you with SEO best-practice, and offer guidance on the best measurement and analytics tools on offer.


While keywords remain at the heart of SEO, “topics” are essential to organic growth. We work using the latest Google search intelligence to create a topic-led strategy.

Each and every one of our content marketing and SEO campaigns starts by identifying short-tail keywords (or topics) for which you want to rank for. Each of these keywords is called a “pillar,” serving as the primary support for a larger “cluster” of long-tail keywords. Put simply, the content we subsequently create is determined by those long-tail keywords that people are actually searching for.


Once the pillar and cluster keywords are decided, it’s time to start generating content. We use a pillar page and cluster content strategy to reflect Google’s latest approach to search.

Typically, we create pillar pages that are in-depth and detailed resources on a particular topic. We then produce subsequent cluster content such as blogs that relate to the pillar page and include the all-important hyperlinks. This enables your site to build authority in a particular topic area.


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