With the world’s population increasingly concentrated in high-density towns and cities, the urban environment has never been more important. Northern Hive creates communications campaigns that tell the story of social and economic infrastructure, and other smart initiatives.



Most discussions of smart cities focus on infrastructure: Big data and information technology being used to better manage urban assets such as public transit, wastewater systems, and roads. The term smart typically denotes physical assets connected to the Internet of Things via sensor technology, generating streams of valuable data: smart parking meters, smart streetlights, smart water use. Put simply, connected devices help “make the trains run on time” and can yield greener, more efficient cities.

However, smart cities have to encompass more than just infrastructure and city services. A smart city leverages technology to elicit the wisdom of its citizens. A smart city won’t have a population that is any more intelligent than a traditional city, but it will enable smarter decisions—by city planners, by individual citizens, and by groups.

We help organisations, planners and stakeholders to make informed decisions through data, research, and insights, offering a consultancy-style approach to a communications strategy that connects all involved parties.

We then help to tell the story of Smart City 1.0 and 2.0.

Many cities have already upgraded their infrastructure, using sensing technology and data analytics to better manage urban assets including wastewater systems, public transit, and roads. This “connected infrastructure” vision comprises what is known as Smart City 1.0—physical assets networked via sensor technology that generate streams of valuable data from “smart” parking meters, and even streetlights.

Beyond improving infrastructure, Smart City 2.0 focuses on enhancing the citizen experience by operating at the intersection of the 3Ds: data, digital, and human-centered design. The ultimate goal is to enable better decision-making through the use of stakeholder data ― for government, business, and residents.

The focus of any smart city should be its people, providing benefits such as:

  • A better quality of life for residents and visitors
  • Economic competitiveness to attract industry and talent
  • An environmentally conscious focus on sustainability

As cities embrace smart status, Northern Hive stands ready to help organisations, institutions and individuals to convey the benefits.

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