The Government has stated its intention to accelerate clean energy innovation and, by 2030, to halve the energy costs of new buildings and retrofits. We work with companies responsible for designing, specifying, supplying or installing energy services and products to boost their marketing efforts.



Sustainability is taking hold of all industry sectors, and the energy world is certainly no different. We work with renewable energy brands to identify their key values and communicate the value of renewables for the consumer and the wider world.

An increasing number of corporations, cities and countries are embracing emissions reduction targets and climate action plans to meet the goal of limiting the rise in global temperature. We help organisations and corporations to communicate these efforts effectively and encourage further sustainability through thought leadership.



Originally developed to record cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain technology is being adapted for use in the energy market. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that conducts and records transactions through a peer-to-peer network. The lack of centralisation in blockchain leaves it as ideal for eliminating the middlemen of electricity suppliers. Ultimately, it reduces energy inefficiency and inequality and empowers consumers to buy and sell energy from other consumers directly.

We help energy clients to embrace and communicate technological changes such as this, and convey the positive effects for the consumer through their media channels.

We also help energy companies to improve their lead generation and inbound marketing efforts.

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Our Energy Services

  • Carbon emissions and sustainability campaigns
  • Energy product launch or PR campaigns
  • Media events & engagement
  • Consumer & customer lead conversion


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