Software-as-a-Service or SaaS, is a licensing and distribution model used to deliver software applications over the internet – as a service. With users typically accessing applications on a subscription basis, the need for an inbound strategy to drive leads is vital.



The SaaS-based cloud model now offers businesses significant efficiencies and cost savings, and we have vast experience developing communications and marketing campaigns for companies providing SaaS services. From developing inbound marketing strategies to increase demo signups, through to organising media launches for a new software product, our team helps SaaS companies to punch above their weight and maximise their content, reach and visibility.



We take time to identify the key pains in the buyer journey, and highlight the benefits and solutions provided in each case. We also help brands to address concerns such as security and democratisation – common in industries including HPC and CAE. Our campaigns in this sector help to promote industry advantages including:

  1. Low setup and infrastructure costs.
  2. Accessible from anywhere.
  3. Rapid implementation.
  4. Scalability. Access is typically a per-seat, per-month arrangement, so a business only takes on as much as it needs.
  5. Industry-leading service level agreements (SLAS) for uptime and performance
  6. Automatic, frequent updates. All updates, weekly or monthly, are taken care of by the vendor.
  7. Timely improvements are provided automatically by the vendor, informed by user feedback.
  8. Security at the highest level required by any customer — again, provided by the vendor.

We also highlight the key features of SaaS through our marketing efforts:

  1. Multi-tenancy cloud architecture, so that all users and applications share a common infrastructure that is centrally maintained.
  2. Simple access via any connected device, making it easier to access data and information and keep data in sync.
  3. Familiar web-based interfaces, building on the consumer web that users already know. (This can help boost adoption and take-up rates.)
  4. Collaborative and social functions, which allow people in different teams or locations to collaborate effectively.

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