We work with clients across the travel and hospitality sectors to create colourful campaigns that result in global media coverage and extensive inbound links. Our team regularly write for publications in this sphere too and have an intrinsic understanding of the industry.

Responsible Tourism

This year will see responsible tourism go mainstream, ABTA believes. Nearly half of consumers now say sustainability is important when booking and 36 per cent said they would opt for one travel business over another if its environmental record were better, compared with 23 per cent in 2014.

For this reason, travel companies and tourism businesses must take action, whether that be pledging to remove single-use plastic or looking to deliver greener travel. ABTA also hails the return of the trusted travel expert for 2019. These key trends make clear, consumer-driven communications and marketing campaigns essential.

Hotels & Restaurants

The hospitality market has enjoyed more than a decade of steady growth. While rumblings of an economic slowdown have some questioning how long the upward momentum will be sustained, most economic indicators suggest continuing growth. Despite the rise of home-sharing, the consensus from industry figures seems to be that the hotel industry and the impact of the home-sharing industry can successfully coexist. The restaurant sector is another that has faced its fair share of challenges. The focus on sustainability and a fluid business model remains key to success in hospitality, and we help brands to identify their key values and play out their strengths across all platforms.

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Leisure Attractions

Leisure and recreational attractions have to stand out from a crowded marketplace. We work with leisure businesses in the UK, US and Canada, to identify their strengths, unique story and target audience. We then create inbound campaigns that result in extensive media coverage, SEO links, and social media hype. Our experience of the British, American and Canadian markets means we can help attractions reach a number of demographics.

Tourist Boards

Our team of writers write frequently about travel and tourism, and our area of expertise in this sector means we can help tourist boards convey their communications campaigns to a particular audience. Whether a summer campaign to drive footfall and bookings, or a rebuilding campaign following a natural disaster, our communications and marketing team have the resources and expertise to drive results and change perceptions.

Our locations in the UK, US and Canada, position us to help local, regional and international tourist organisations and meet the desired objectives of an inbound campaign.

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Our Travel & Leisure Services

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