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Gone are the days of sports fans needing reporters to get news about their favourite players. Over the past few years, athletes are increasingly becoming content creators in their own right—be it through Instagram, Twitter, or long-form stories on websites like The Players’ Tribune.

While the athlete’s role as an individual content creator serves as a small complement to traditional media, this trend—buoyed by stars who were raised in the digital age—could become even more impactful and important in the coming years. We help brands to embrace this content source and integrate it into their wider communications and marketing efforts.



The challenge of keeping fans constantly engaged has become extremely difficult. A simple lull in a game can lead to fans diverting their attention to their phones and social media, consuming content from other venues or outlets.

However, the growing integration of augmented and virtual reality is transforming the customer experience by giving fans the opportunity to get “closer” to athletes while having a single platform to access a wealth of data. Brands must embrace the various platforms of technology to appeal to the next generation and deliver the ultimate fan experience.

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The sport sector is particularly vulnerable to social issues including gambling and mental health.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of high-profile athletes, storied franchises, and top programs publicly address mental health. Brands must engage with these issues in a way that fans can relate, and take their responsibility to shed further light on topics and issues seriously. Sport brands have an ethical responsibility to incorporate lifestyle issues such as these into marketing and communications efforts, driving inclusivity and making best use of the powerful platforms available to them.

Promoting clean sport is also a topical issue affecting multiple disciplines, and clear communications campaigns working alongside governing body officials, are an essential component in today’s digital world.



Our CEO has commentated at two Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games, so it’s hardly surprising that we’re so passionate about sporting events.

The feel good factor of sporting events and championships cannot be underestimated, and our team have vast expertise of managing communications, marketing and event management campaigns in this area.

While there is much to be celebrated, events must strike the right tone with their communications efforts, navigating the social issues, financial factors and organisational implications that can arise in the build up. We work with sporting events of all sizes, to manage their press office, navigate issues and nurture the feel good factor.

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