From carbon-negative yoga mats to personalised socks, we’ve helped some of the most up-and-coming brands to punch above their weight. Our work with brands in this field has resulted in coverage including Forbes, The New York Post, Metro, The Daily Mail, and US Weekly.



There’s no doubt that life has been tough for retail businesses lately. Store closures, job losses and business failures have all played out in the media. 2018 was a particularly tough year, with one of the worst Christmas periods for 10 years.

But is it really all doom and gloom? Take a closer look, and you’ll see an industry in the midst of a transitional phase. The need to embrace new channels and diversification has never been more important, and as old channels decline, proactive approaches to retail will reign supreme. Northern Hive provides a consultancy-style approach to help businesses in this sector to reinvent and refresh when it comes to their communications and marketing efforts.



Customers no longer want to buy products, they want to create their own personal edit and interact with brands in a whole new way. Social media is 2019’s shop window, bringing with it the rising importance of the social media influencer and a need for inbound marketing efforts that embrace social shopping and retail technology.

Our communications campaigns in the sector are social-heavy, using persona-driven tactics to connect brands with their target audience, help drive awareness and traffic, and stand out in a crowded market.

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There’s no getting away from the industry’s shift towards more sustainable models of consumption, and this sustainable trend provides an opportunity for retail services, brands and platforms.

Adopting re-commerce and thrifting, highlighting eco-friendly credentials, and accommodating the consumer’s desire to recycle and reuse the products they buy, is increasingly essential. We help brands identify areas where they can improve and initiate these practices, and communicate and promote their brand values effectively.


Traditionally, the West has led the way when it comes to retail innovation. However, China has now overtaken the US as the largest e-commerce market in the world.

China’s rapidly moving retail technology sector is watched carefully by our retail communications team, to help brands adopt emerging trends and mirror successful strategies and marketing tactics. We also help brands embrace technology including shopping and review platforms, and make use of all-important user-generated content to drive further sales and awareness.

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