Whether a global brand, organisation or political figure, we’ll provide you with confidential guidance on your overall communications strategy.



We believe brands like yours should make decisions based on intelligence and facts, and take our role as trusted communications advisors seriously. Whether in the engineering sector, construction industry or retail, news developing anywhere in the world can impact your brand’s future.

We use monitoring and intelligence systems alongside industry expertise, to monitor competitors, customers and key trends. We report our findings to clients, using news such as mergers and acquisitions, tenders, macroeconomic indicators, and patents, to drive your next move.

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Thought leadership is all about providing answers to the key questions held by your audience. We’ll work with you to establish your key strengths and position you as an industry expert, providing information or solutions to your audience, whether as a spokesperson on a media channel or via an online Q&A session.

While thought leadership is a useful tactic at any time, it is particularly useful in response to a global news story or trend. Northern Hive’s ongoing industry monitoring means you’ll never miss an opportunity to provide comment or respond to an emerging narrative.



Whether the CEO of a global organisation or a political figure, communications advice is an essential component in ensuring you reach your target demographic and convey the right message.

We help to identify the right demographic and test messages to ensure optimal success. We use all our areas of insight and expertise to help you influence, engage and listen. Our experienced communications advisors are available 24/7 to help individuals and organisations respond when it matters most or navigate through potentially difficult situations or scenarios.

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Our Communications Services

  • Political advice and campaign lobbying
  • Stakeholder crisis response & reputation rebuilding
  • Thought leadership and expert speaking opportunities
  • Media training & speech preparation
  • Legal and litigation communications


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