Big data and analytics have taken the PR industry by storm. We carry out research and analysis across a number of industries, so you can be sure your communications and marketing campaign is insight driven.


Inbound marketing and public relations are essentially two sides of the same coin. Here at Northern Hive, we use inbound insights and analytics to inform the decisions we make and help us communicate more effectively on your behalf.

We’ll help you get to know your target audience better by carrying out buyer persona research.

Learning more about your audience means you can create content they actually want, earn media coverage in outlets they actually read, and more effectively move them along the buyer journey.



Analytics and data allow you to make informed decisions, and react to your audience needs in a more effective way.

We work with brands to carry out this research, as well as presenting regular analytics and data reports to assess how a campaign is performing and where changes can be made.

Let’s Work Together…

Our Data & Analytics Services

  • Social media profiling and analysis
  • Ongoing earned media performance tracking
  • Media monitoring
  • Opinion polling and surveys
  • Message and concept testing
  • Influencer identification and tracking
  • Measurement tools audit


Ready to incorporate data in your inbound and communications efforts?

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