We’ll help you earn more media coverage by identifying the key story angles in your brand, pitching them to the most relevant global media. You’ll benefit from more inbound links and stronger relationships with the media.



Even in today’s social media world, relationships with the media are as important as ever. Media coverage is an essential part of the earned media mix and remains a powerful way to convey a story directly to your audience.

Online media coverage has the potential to improve your SEO performance by increasing inbound links too. We’ll help you form relationships with journalists and media outlets around the world, identifying strong story angles and pitching on your behalf using our extensive global media database.



Creating a tailored, targeted media list is the first step in any successful coverage campaign. Identifying the media outlets and contacts most relevant for your particular niche, story or industry is essential for a successful outcome.

We already have strong relationships with many global media outlets and contacts, and understand their preferences, tone, philosophies and lead times. This helps us to identify the right journalist or outlet for your particular story or guest post, and helps us to establish powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with your brand and the press.

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The perfect pitch is something of an art. Don’t forget, journalists receive hundreds of emails every day. A strong pitch should be clear, concise, unique, and customised.

We get to the heart of the story and create compelling media pitches that return an impressive amount of media pick-up for your business. We become your brand’s press office, and can email directly from an account of your domain to keep brand consistency and to nurture relationships that will remain within your company.



Broadcast: From live radio interviews in London to appearances on breakfast television in Vancouver, we have strong relationships with broadcast media in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Newspapers: Newspaper coverage remains an essential component of media coverage, particularly with the addition of online and digital formats. We’ve placed clients in opinion pieces, news pages and supplements.

Magazines & Online: Magazines and blogs are a powerful part of any earned media campaign, and we’ve worked with a cross-section of media in this area from lifestyle to the engineering sector. Recently, we’ve established coverage with outlets including BBC World Service and Forbes.

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