Let us help your business to navigate today’s unpredictable climate, establishing and communicating your brand’s image and values.



It’s not easy for company leaders and brand managers in 2019. New technology has enabled your brand’s reputation to shift with a simple tweet, and perceptions are shaped purely by the way your company interacts with customers, handles customer queries and reacts to product or customer expectations. Managing any business without considering what your customers actually want – or think they want, is a surefire way to failure.

Resentment towards globalism, automation, and immigration, also present challenges to global brands striving to innovate. We’ll help you get to grips with your brand values, navigate the challenges and adopt them as opportunities rather than barriers to success.



What do the world’s most recognisable brands all have in common? They are the most relevant. These companies do not remain in business because they do the same thing year after year, but because they are not afraid of doing things differently, embracing change and moving with the times.

Here at Northern Hive, we’ll help your brand adopt this winning approach in your communications and marketing campaign, helping you to constantly monitor the market and react to what your customers need today and want for tomorrow.

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Our Brand Reputation Services

  • Building corporate narratives to nurture and change perceptions
  • Nurturing purpose-driven cultures and employee engagement
  • Brand lobbying and public affairs
  • Perception research, monitoring and analytics
  • Brand reputation rebuilding


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