Let us help you to create email marketing that people actually want to receive, using valuable content and audience intelligence while satisfying current data protection practices.



Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to communicate with your audience and facilitate their path through the sales and marketing funnel. It has the potential to turn strangers into delighted customers – a key goal of an inbound campaign.

Unfortunately, many businesses do email marketing badly resulting in poor results and less than delighted customers. Here at Northern Hive, we’ll help your brand to create email marketing campaigns that are valuable, relevant, expected and integrated. Great email marketing starts with the content you’re actually sharing with your subscribers. We’ll help to create campaigns that solve the challenges faced by your customers.

Are you doing email marketing for the sake of doing email marketing? Stop! Talk to us today.



Segmentation is vital for increasing relevancy of your email, according to a MarketingSherpa study. We’ll work with you to segment your contact database based on demographics, behaviour or both. It’s essential to send the right message to the right person at the right time, so we devise campaigns that send relevant emails and return better results.

MarketingSherpa found that segmented emails get 50% more clicks than their untargeted counterparts. Our clients get more clicks, reach higher deliverability and experience less deletions.



Every marketing activity we carry out for our clients is tied to a goal, whether that’s increasing new leads, lead qualification, education, or simply driving awareness. Identifying what the goal is for each email sent helps you decide what that email should look like, and helps you measure whether or not it was successful.

Email marketing is only as good as the quality of your recipient list. Each year there is a natural decay of contacts, as people change jobs or email addresses. We’ll help you to update and replenish your list, preventing stagnation and burn out.

We’ll devise goal-led email campaigns on your behalf and manage email lists to ensure they remain relevant and replenished. We see top-of-the-funnel lead generation as an essential part of a successful email marketing strategy.

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Our Email Marketing Services

  • Email marketing strategy
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  • Email content creation
  • Email marketing goals
  • Email marketing analysis
  • Email data and testing


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