The first step in any marketing or communications strategy is to know your audience. We’ll help you to create and visualise your buyer persona; an ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.



To scale growth and keep acquisition costs down, your resources and time need to be spent positioning your business in front of the right people, at the right time.

Well-researched buyer personas align departments around actionable audience insights, creating a clear picture of exactly who you are trying to attract and serve.

All marketing and communications activity can then be carried out with a buyer persona in mind. We start all campaign work with the creation of buyer personas. Talk to us about your marketing requirements today.



We conduct research, carry out surveys and interviews, and then use this data to build your buyer persona. We take into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Social networks used
  • Industry
  • Job responsibilities
  • Goals or objectives
  • Biggest challenges
  • Whom they report to
  • How/where they get information
  • Tools they need to be successful

We use the buyer persona tool in Hubspot to create animated personas that bring your target audience to life, and provide the basis for our subsequent content creation and marketing decisions.

We regularly return to your buyer personas to assess the performance of your campaign.

Ready to start generating buyer personas and targeting your marketing efforts?

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Our Buyer Persona Services

  • Buyer persona research, surveys, and questionnaires
  • Buyer persona creation
  • Buyer persona data analytics


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