Whether you’re unveiling a new software product, opening a new hotel, or launching a new office block, our team can provide full or partial event management support. We’ll help you put on an exceptional event while delivering on your overall objectives and purpose.



Launching a new event, venue or product can be a daunting prospect. Launch events are a great way to introduce your business and announce your arrival, and our event management team will ensure you get the right attendees, maximum media exposure, and most importantly, convey the right message.

Launch events shouldn’t just be a pointless celebration. They should inform attendees and encourage action. They should also target the right audience, with the potential of driving future sales and promotion.

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Whether you’re organising a trade event or business conference, our experienced event management team can help with everything from delegate communications and invitations, to catering and venue arrangements.

Our communications and marketing expertise prove particularly useful in helping you strike the right tone with your event, and also ensure expansive media coverage and attention.



Media launches and events are a great way to provide relevant media contacts and outlets with a first glimpse of your brand, product or service.

We provide full media event management, ensuring you get the right media in attendance and achieve maximum earned media coverage.

Hosting seasonal events such as “Christmas in July” are one example of the power of media events. Unveil your products or services for the season in advance, and benefit from additional exposure down the line.

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Our Event Services

  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Guest listing
  • Media launch and press photo-calls
  • Event marketing and PR
  • Marketing materials


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