We’re a hospitality and travel PR agency with a truly global outlook. We work with clients in the travel and hospitality sectors to create colourful campaigns that result in global media coverage and extensive inbound links. Our team regularly write for publications in this sphere too.


Responsible tourism is becoming ever more important as environmental issues start to impact global travel. Nearly half of consumers now say sustainability is important when booking and 36 per cent said they would opt for one travel business over another if its environmental record were better, compared with 23 per cent in 2014. The hospitality sector is seeing growing trends too. Changes in diets and a shift towards healthier and meat-free alternatives combined with a reduction in alcohol consumption among millennials, make the leisure sector particularly challenging.

Recent years have seen high profile travel companies closing their doors, having failed to react and adapt to consumer trends. The same can be said for the hospitality sector too, where restaurant chains and hotels have fallen away. Technology will continue to change the leisure industry as a whole. As a result, marketing and communications efforts should use all available resources and monitor consumer demand. Our earned media campaigns in the hospitality and travel space have been extremely successful with numerous pieces of online and offline coverage for clients.


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