With so many options available when it comes to content marketing, it can be hard knowing where to start. It’s also difficult knowing which content types will make a statement for your individual brand. There are many content marketing types to choose from. Southwest Airlines are a great example of a company mixing things up when it comes to content by posting blog posts, gifs, commercials, and retweets on their Twitter page.

It’s ultimately about what type of content marketing promotes your business effectively. And there are a handful of different content marketing types to choose from when you want to make a splash in your campaigns.

Types of Content Marketing

  1. Blogs
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Case Studies
  5. User-generated content
  6. Checklists
  7. e-Books
  8. Testimonials/Reviews
  9. Whitepapers
  10. Memes
  11. How-to Guides/Academies
  12. Influencers/Paid Ad Content

1. Blogs

Let’s start with the basics. Having a blog on your website that corresponds with your product and its market attracts potential customers looking for the answer your business solves. Blog posts are an effective and largely essential way to boost organic traffic to your site. Blogs should:

  • Be optimised for SEO
  • Be content focused and relevant to your product
  • Answer a question or solve a problem for the reader

2. Videos

Videos are hugely popular right now. They are also huge drivers of engagement. According to HubSpot research, 54% of audiences want to see videos from brands they support, which is more than any other type of content.

Videos are also a versatile medium; you can create a variety of content in your industry that engages your market and leaves them wanting more.

Microsoft uses their technology to empower everyone. Their recent commercials have shown just how inclusive their definition of “everyone” is, producing powerful messages about how technology can inspire many to achieve their goals.

3. Infographics

Infographics are not just fun to look at. They’re a sure fire way to brighten up any marketing strategy with eye-catching content. They’re also quick and low-cost.

Data can be easier to recognise and understand when presented in mediums like this. Infographics can also make your product more reputable if there’s hard data involved.

Image Source: Visme

4. Case Studies

Case studies are effective for leads who want to learn more about your business from the customers themselves. In a case study, a customer is able to view the journey from start to finish and see similar use cases in real life.

LinkedIn Case Study

Image Source: LinkedIn

This case study by LinkedIn, provides an in-depth look at how Adobe uses LinkedIn to market their business and drive applicants. It provides data and screenshots of Adobe’s campaign and demonstrates how the brand measured their success using the workplace platform. This case study could help similar businesses see how using LinkedIn in a similar way could improve their applicants.

5. User-generated content

User-generated content is an amazing content marketing method because it gets customers involved. People respond to others like them, and it’s more likely to make them interested in your business. User-generated content provides a brand with content to repost. This can be hugely powerful, particularly for those businesses in the retail and e-commerce sector.

6. Checklists

Checklists provide value to potential customers, especially for SMB customers. They show a step-by-step method for solving a problem and can be formatted to fit your social media pages.


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7. eBooks

An eBook is essentially long-form blog content. They’re not a novel, they’re not a multiple-page ad for your business. Instead, they’re a way to give potential clients valuable information. They are particularly useful for our technology and engineering clients when information and data is involved.

8. Testimonials and customer reviews

Like user-generated content, testimonials and customer reviews are content generated straight from your audience. If you’re operating in a niche market, testimonials give a short synopsis of why your company stands out.

Image Source: Glossier Instagram

9. Whitepapers

These often misunderstood pieces are not eBooks. Both are forms of lengthy content, but whitepapers are more densely packed with data and information. Whitepapers pay attention to detail and are a key part of the research phase for 71% of buyers, according to the Demand Gen Survey Report.

Image source: Tata Communications

Whitepapers can be visually appealing, even if the content is a little more challenging. Keep design in mind when you’re formatting page layout and key takeaways. Also, use appealing and easy-to-read fonts when constructing your pages, so readers are more inclined to keep turning the page.

10. Memes

Who doesn’t love a great meme? Memes are a relatively new type of content marketing, but they work extremely well. A meme is an image set with culturally relevant text that is rapidly circulated online. If you can time a meme perfectly, and align it with your social aesthetic, it’s a savvy way to increase traffic.

Image Source: Jimmy Johns’ Instagram

11. How-to guides

If you’re offering a product like a CRM, or any other kind of software, how-to guides are a must in content marketing. From Google Ads to Skillshare and even HubSpot, training courses are an interactive way for new and potential buyers to test drive your product before committing. Our engineering and technology clients truly benefit from this content type.

academy for ads quora

Image source: Quora

If you’re a smaller business and an academy isn’t feasible for your company, Instagram Carousels might be the answer. Carousels allow for further explanation of products/services on Instagram in a visual way. Instead of creating an entire guide, you can upload 30-second clips or multiple photos in one post and make it a highlight.

12. Influencers

Industry influencers can be highly beneficial to a marketing campaign. Having influencers promote your content can attract an entire audience you weren’t previously able to reach.

Vegan YouTuber Caitlin Shoemaker does sponsorships with other vegan brands on her socials to boost her reach and the brands’ reach as well.

Here at Northern Hive, we have a network of influencers in various industries which saves clients time and effort compiling lists and cold calling.

While this list touches on some of the most content types of content, this is definitely not a definitive list. When creating your content marketing plan, choose the types that fit your business best but also fit the needs of your potential customers. Answer their questions with your blogs and provide solutions to their everyday problems.


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